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NEW" TIE RODS" END RIGHT HAND THREAD MERCEDES-BENZ W111.023-220SE / CONV. 190SL 280SEC/CONV. 3.5 230SL 250SL 280SL W111.025-280SE CONV. 300SEL 6.3 300SEL 3.5 300SEL 4.5 300SEb 280SEL 4.5


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NEW" TIE RODS" END.   BALL-JOINT.   RIGHT-HAND-THREAD.   O,E.M.  LEMFORDER  FOR:  MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY.      "280SE3 5"       MERCEDES-BENZ  PART  NUMBER:  000 338 52 10.   SHAFT-DIAMETER:  14 MILLIMETERS.   LENGTH:  110 MILLIMETERS.   FITS:  MERCEDES-BENZ  MODELS  BY:  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #   R , W .   AND  BY:  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:   220SE CONVERTIBLE W111.023 YR.1960-1965.   190SL  R121.040 AND R121.042 YR.1955-1961.   190SL  R121.040 AND  R121.042 YR.1961-1963.   220SE COUPE W111.021 YR.1961-1965.   220SEb W111.014 FROM:  016976 YR.1960-1965.   220Sb W111.012 FROM:  049856 YR.1960-1965.   220b W111.010 YR.1959-1965.   200D W110.110 YR.1965-1968.   200 W110.010 YR.1965-1968.   190Dc W110.110 YR.1962-1965.   190c W110.010 YR.1961-1965.   230S W111.010 YR.1965-1968.   230 W111.011 YR.1965-1967.   250SE COUPE W111.021 YR.1965-1966.   250SE CONVERTIBLE W111.023 YR.1966-1967.   280SE COUPE W111.024 YR.1968-1971.   280SE CONVERTIBLE W111.025 YR.1968-1971.   280SE COUPE 3.5 W111.026 YR.1969-1971.   280SE CONVERTIBLE 3.5 W111.027 YR.1969-1971.   230SL R113.042 YR.1963-1967.   250SL R113.043 YR.1967-1968.   280SL R113.044 YR.1968-1971.   300SEL 6.3 W109.018 YR.1968-1971.   300SEL 3.5 W109.056 YR.1968-1971.   300SEL 4.5 W109.057 YR.1972.   300SEb W108.015 YR.1965-1967.   300SEL W109.016 YR.1968-1970.   300SEL W109.015 YR.1965-1967.   280SEL 4.5 W108.068 YR.1971-1972.   280SE 4.5 W108.067 YR.1971-1972.   280SEL W108.019 YR.1968-1971.   280SE W108.018 YR.1967-1972.   280S W108.016 YR.1968-1972.   250SE W108.014 YR.1965-1967.   250S W108.012 YR.1965-1969.   300D W115.114 YR.1976.   280C W114.073 YR.1972-1976.   280 W114.060 YR.1972-1976.   250C W114.023 YR.1968-1972.   250 W114.010 YR.1967-1972.   250 W114.011 YR.1970-1972.   240D W115.117 YR.1974-1976.   230.6 W114.015 YR.1968-1969.   230.4 W115.017 YR.1974-1976.   220D W115.110 YR.1968-1973.   220 W115.010 YR.1968-1973.