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NEW TIE-RODS-END VERY-RARE RIGHT HAND THREAD GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ TO: FITS INTO LATE-VERSIONS- SHAFT # 123-330-18-03 W116-450SEL 6.9 350SE 350 SEL 450SEL 450SE 300SD 280 SE 280S W123-300D-T 300CD-T 300TD-T 300TD 300CD 300D 280CE 280E 230


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NEW TIE-RODS-END  VERY-RARE   RIGHT-HAND-THREAD GENUINE  MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY.   PART  # 000 338 52 10  TO  BE  FITTING  INTO  TIE-ROD-LATE-VERSIONS-SHAFT  PART # 123 330 18 03      AT:  W116-450SEL 6.9.   THAT  PART  HAVE  SHAFT DIAMETER  OF:  14 mm     LENGTH:  98 mm     COLOR:  BLACK.   FITS:  MERCEDES-BENZ  USA  &  EUROPEAN  MODELS  BY:  THE  TIE-ROD-SHAFT-DIAMETER  OF  14 MILLIMETERS.  AND  BY:  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #   W.   AND  BY:  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  W116-450SEL 6.9 W116.036 YR.1975-1979    350SE W116.028 YR.1972-1974.   350 SEL W116.029 YR.1972-1974.   450SEL W116.033 YR.1973-1981.   450SE W116.032 YR.1973-1980.   300SD W116.120 YR.1977-1980      280 SE W116.024 YR.1977-1980.   280S W116.020 YR.1973-1976.     W123-300TD-TURBO WAGON W123.193 FROM:  A 007679 YR.1975-1985.   300CD-TURBO W123.153 FROM:  A 063107 YR.1975-1985.   300D-TURBO W123.133 FROM:  A 063107 YR.1982-1985.   300TD WAGON W123.190 YR.1975-1981.   300CD W123.150 YR.1975-1981.   300D W123.130 YR.1975-1981.   240D W123.123 YR.1975-1983.   280CE W123.053 YR.1975-1981.   280E W123.033 YR.1975-1981.   230 W123.023 YR.1976-1978.

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