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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ METAL OIL FILTER CANISTER 450SL 380SL 560SL 280 SEC/C 3.5 300SEL 4.5 300SEL 3.5 280SEL 4.5 450SEL 450SE 380SE 380SEC 380SEL 500SE 500SEC 500SEL 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC 350SL 500SL 350SLC 450SLC 450SLC 5.0 380SLC 500SLC


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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES--BENZ,   GERMANY     HEAVY--DUTY  ALUMINUM    OIL FILTER  CANISTER  WITH KIT   FITS  MERCEDES-BENZ   USA  &  EUROPEAN MODELS   BY  THE  CHASSIS #  VIN # R, W,   AND  BY  THE  MOTOR #   M.   THAT KIT INCLUDES  MERCEDES--BENZ GENUINE LONG  STEEL  BOLT,     ONE METAL  SEALING  RING  ,  ONE  METAL  SPRING-AT   THE  INSIDE  BOTTOM  OF  OIL-FILTER.          MERCEDES-BENZ  PART # A  002 184 22 01  ,   002  184  12  01.   FITS   MERCEDES--BENZ  MODELS   280SE COUPE / CONVERTIBLE 3.5 W111.027 M116.980 YR.1969-1971.   280SE COUPE 3.5 W111.026 M116.980 YR.1969-1971.   300SEL 4.5 W109.057 M117.981 YR.1972.   300SEL 3.5 W109.056 M116.981 YR.1968-1971.   280SE 4.5 W108.067 M117.984 YR.1971-1972.   280SEL 4.5 W108.068 M117.984 YR.1971-1972.   450SEL W116.033 M117.983  ,  M117.986 YR.1973-1981.   450SE W116.032 M117.983  ,  M117.986 YR.1973-1980.   380SE W126.032 M116.961  ,  M116.963 YR.1979-1985.   380SEL W126.033 M116.961  AND  M116.963 YR.1979-1983.   380SEC W126.043 M116.963 YR.1982-1985.   420SEL W126.035 M116.961  ,  M116.963  ,  M116.965 YR.1979-1991.   500SE W126.036 M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964 YR.1982-1985.   500SEC W126.044 M117.961  ,  M117.963 YR.1979-1985.   500SEL W126.037 M116.961  ,  M117.963 YR.1979-1985.   560SEC W126.045 M117.968 YR.1986-1991.   560SEL W126.039 M117.968 YR.1986-1991.  350SL R107.043   M117.982, M116.982,   M116.984 YR. 1971--1973.   350SL R107.044   M117.982,  M116.982, M116.984  YR. 1971--1973  MERCEDES  350 SLC  R107.023  M117.982,  M116.982,  M116.984  YR. 1971--1973.    450SL  R107.044  M117.982  ,    M117.985  YR. 1972--1981.   450SLC R107.024 M117.982  ,  M117.985 YR.1972-1981.    500SL  R107.046  M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964  YR. 1981--1985.   450SLC  5.0  R107.026  M117.960  YR. 1978--1980.   500SLC  R107.026  M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964  YR. 1981--1985.   560SL  R107.048  M117.967  YR. 1986--1989.   380SL  R107.045  M116.960  ,  M116.962  YR. 1971--1985. 380SLC  R107.025  M116.960  ,  M116.962  YR. 1979--1983.  LOCATION OF OIL FILTER FOR MERCEDES R107   LOCATION  OF   OIL_FILTER  ALL  V8  MERCEDES_BENZ  MODELS   CHASSIS # R107 , W126 , W116 , W108 , W109 , W111 .   RIGHT_FRONT , LOWER MOTOR  AREA  NEXT  TO  THE  COOLANT_RADIATOR .   E_Z  ACCESS    SEE  ALSO THE  SEPARATE PART  UNION THREADED METAL THAT CONNECT THE LONG BOLT HOLDING METAL CANISTER OIL FILTER TO THE MOTOR  IN STOCK

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