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NEW ORIGINAL MERCEDES-BENZ WINDSHIELD WIPER RELAY 450SL 450SLC 280SL 280SLC 350SL 350SLC 380SL 380SLC 450SLC 5.0 450SE 450SEL 6.9 450SEL 230 240D 280CE 280E 300CD 300D 300TD


  • $299.95

NEW ORIGINAL MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY.      "UNIT CONTROL MODULE"  IMPULSE  RELAY  WINDSHIELD-WIPER.     MERCEDES-BENZ  STAR  AND  PART  NUMBER:  123 821 00 63  AND  GERMANY  STAMP  ON  THE  TOP  PART.    FEDERAL VERSION-- FED.   CALIFORNIA VERSION-- CAL.     FITS  MERCEDES-BENZ  MODELS:  BY  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #  R , W ,   AS  REFERENCE  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  280SL R107.042 YR.1972-1985.   280SLC R107.022 YR.1977-1985.   350SL R107.043 YR.1971-1973.   350SL R107.044 YR.1971-1973.   350SLC R107.023 YR.1971-1973.   380SL R107.045 YR.1971-1985.   380SLC R107.025 YR.1971-1983.   450SLC 5.0 R107.026 YR.1978-1980.   450SL R107.044 FROM:  028300 FED.   AND   FROM:  028293 CAL. YR.1972-1981.   450SLC R107.024 FROM:  011200 FED.   AND  FROM:  011191 CAL. YR.1972-1981.   450SEL 6.9 W116.036 YR.1975-1979.    *  mercedes 450 6.9 1975-1979   are  the  same  as:  450sel 6.9  *      450SEL W116.033 FROM:  043634  FED.  AND  FROM:  043561 CAL. YR.1976-1981.   450SE W116.032 FROM:  043640 FED.  AND  FROM:  043677 CAL. YR.1973-1980.   300SD W116.120 YR.1978-1980.   280SE W116.024 YR.1977-1980.   280S W116.020 FROM:  053228 FED.  AND  FROM:  053235 CAL. YR.1973-1976.   300TD WAGON W123.190 UP TO:  019869 YR.1975-1981.   300D W123.130 UP TO:  211431 YR.1975-1981.   300CD W123.150 UP TO:  006719 YR.1975-1981.   280E W123.033 UP TO:  079786 YR.1975-1981.   280CE W123.053 UP TO:  021119 YR.1975-1981.   240D W123.123 UP TO:  208266 YR.1976-1983.   230 W123.023 YR.1976-1978.   280C W114.073 FROM:  106722 YR.1972-1976.   280 W114.060 FROM:  120612 YR.1972-1976.   240D W115.117 FROM:  105448 YR.1974-1976.   230.4 W115.017 FROM:  065168 YR.1974-1976.