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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ RUBBER PEDAL-PAD CLUTCH OR BRAKE-PEDAL R113-230SL 250SL 280SL W112-300SE 300SEC 300SE CONV. W111-280SE CONV. 3.5 280SEC 3.5 W109-300SEL 6.3 W114-280C 250C 220D


  • $129.99

NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY.   LATE VERSION RUBBER-PEDAL-PAD CLUTCH & BRAKE-PEDAL.   THE  MERCEDES-BENZ  STAR & THE PART # 107 291 01 82  HAVE BEEN  STAMP  ON  THE  PART.  PLEASE PRIOR TO ORDER THE NEW PART, MEASURED YOUR`S OLD PART.   FITS:  MERCEDES-BENZ   USA  &  EUROPEAN  MODELS  WITH   STANDARD , MANUAL , STICK-SHIFT TRANSMISSION.   FITS:  BY  THE  CHASSIS #   V.I.N.   R , W .   AS  REFERENCE THE MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS  CHASSIS-  W108 ,W109 , W110 ,W111 , W112 , R113 ,W114 , W115 .   SIZE:  ABOUT 55 mm  AT-TOP-END.   ABOUT 47 mm AT-BOTTOM-END.  THICKNESS ABOUT 13 mm   FITS:  230SL R113.042 YR.1963-1967.   250SL R113.043 YR.1967-1968.   280SL R113.044 YR.1968-1971.   300SE W112.014 YR.1961-1965.   300SE COUPE W112.021 YR.1961-1963.   300SE CONVERTIBLE W112.023 YR.1963-1967.   280SE CONVERTIBLE 3.5 W111.027 YR.1969-1971.   280SE COUPE 3.5 W111.026 YR.1969-1971.   300SEL 6.3 W109.018 YR.1968-1971.   280SEL 4.5 W108.068 YR.1971-1972.   280SE 4.5 W108.067 YR.1971-1972.   280 COUPE W114.073 YR.1972-1976.   280 W114.060 YR.1972-1976.   250 COUPE W114.023 YR.1968-1972.   250 W114.010 YR.1967-1972.   220D W115.010 YR.1968-1973.   240D    OM616   W115.117 YR.1974-1976.