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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ RELAY AUXILIARY-FAN,FUEL-PUMP W201 SL600 SL500 SL320 500SL 300SL C230 KOMPRESSOR C280 C43 AMG 300SDL 300 SEL 420SEL 500SEC 500SEL 560SEC 560SEL 350SDL 300E 4MATIC 300E 2.8 300E 2.6 300CE 300TE 4MATIC 190E 2.3 190E 2.6


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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ,  GERMANY RELAY, FUEL-PUMP  REAR  STAGE  2   CONTROL  MODULE  PLATE AND  FUSE BOX IN LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT,  AND  AUXILIARY-FAN.   6-PRONGS.  MERCEDES-BENZ  STAR  AND  PART #  001 542 53 19  HAVE BEEN  STAMP  ON  THE  PART,   001 542 59 19 , 001 542 96 19.   LOCATION:  C202.  AND  R129  REAR-LUGGAGE  COMPARTMENT  AND  FRONT.       W201 , W124 , W126 , W123 ,  FRONT  LOCATION.  FITS:  MERCEDES-BENZ   MODELS  BY:  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #  C , R ,S , SL , W .  AND  BY:  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  C220 C202.022 YR.1994-1996.   C230 C202.023 YR.1997-1998.   C230 KOMPRESSOR C202.024 YR.1999-2000.   C280 C202.029 YR.1998-2000.   C43 AMG C202.033 YR.1998-2000.   SL500 R129.068 YR.1999-2002.  300SL R129.061 YR.1990-1993.   300SL-24 R129.061 YR.1990-1993.   500SL R129.066 YR.1990-1992.   SL320 R129.063 YR.1994  UP  TO  END  OF  MODEL-YEAR  1995.   YEAR-1994-1997.   SL500 R129.067 YR.1993  UP  TO  END  OF  MODEL-YEAR  1995.   YEAR-1993-1998.   SL600 R129.076 YR.1993  UP  TO  END  OF  MODEL-YEAR  1995.   YEAR-1993-2002.   E500 W124.036 YR.1992-1994.   500E W124.036 YR.1992-1994.   E300D W124.131 YR.1995-1999.   E250-TURBO-DIESEL W124.128 YR.1990-1993.   300TD-TURBO WAGON W124.193 YR.1987.   300D-TURBO W124.133 YR.1986-1987.   300TE 4MATIC WAGON W124.290 YR.1990-1993.   300E 4MATIC W124.230 YR.1990-1993.   300E W124.030 YR.1986-1993.   300E 2.8 W124.028 YR.1993-1994.   300D 2.5-TURBO W124.128 YR.1990-1993.   300E 2.6 W124.026 YR.1987-1992.   300TE WAGON W124.090 YR.1988-1992.   300CE W124.050 YR.1988-1989.   300CE W124.051 YR.1990-1992.   300CE W124.052 YR.1993-1995.   300SE W126.024 FROM  A576752 YR.1990-1991.   300SEL W126.025 FROM  A576752 YR.1990-1991.   420SEL W126.035 FROM  A576752 YR.1990-1991    560SEC W126.045 FROM  A576752 YR.1990-1991.   560SEL W126.039 FROM  A576752 YR.1990-1991.   350SDL W126.135 YR.1990-1991.   350SD W126.134 YR.1991-1995.   240D W123.123 FROM  YEAR:  1982-1983.   190E 2.3 W201.024 FROM  A209723  AND  FROM  F146707 YR.1982-1986.   190E 2.3 W201.028 YR.1987-1993.   190E 2.3-16 W201.034 YR.1982-1987.   190D 2.2 W201.122 YR.1984-1985.   190D 2.5 W201.126 YR.1986-1989  190D 2.5-TURBO W201.128 YR.1987.   190E 2.6 W201.029 YR.1987-1993.   300SDL W126.125 YR.1986-1987.300CE CONVERTIBLE W124.066 YR.1993-1995   .500SEC W126.044 YR.1984-1985.   500SEL W126.037 YR.1984-1985    600SL R129.076 YR.1993.   SL600 R129.076 YR.1993-2002.   C230 KOMPRESSOR C202.024 YR.1993-2000.   E320 CONVERTIBLE W124.066 YR.1993-1995.   E300D-TURBO W124.133 YR.1986-1987.   500SL 6.0 R129.067 YR.1993-1998.   SL500 AMG R129.067 YR.1993-1998.   C280 C202.028 YR.1993-1997.   C36 AMG  YR.1993-1997.   E36 AMG CONVERTIBLE W124.066 YR.1993-1995.   E36  AMG COUPE W124.052 YR.1993-1995    E320 COUPE W124.052 YR.1993-1997.   320CE COUPE W124.052 YR.1993-1995.   E420 W124034 YR.1985-1997.   400E W124.034 YR.1985-1995.   500E 6.0 W124.036 YR.1992-1994.   E500 AMG W124.036 YR.1992-1994.   E320 WAGON W124.092 YR.1993-1997.   E60  AMG  W124.036 YR.1992-1994

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