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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ DIESEL LOCK-NUT AT VALVE CAP NUT W126-300SD W116-300SD W123-300TD-T 300TD 300D-T 300D 300CD-T 300CD 240D 115 W115-300D 240D 220D W110-200D 190Dc


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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY.    DIESEL  VALVE  ADJUSTMENT , VALVE   LOCK-NUT  AT:  VALVE  STEM  BELOW  END-CAP,   TOP-NUT  ,  VALVE  THRUST  NUT.   TO:    KEEP  IN  PLACE  THE:  CORRECT  VALVE-CLEARANCE .     LATE  VERSION  DESIGN  TO  FITS:  ALL  OF  THE  LISTED  ENGINES  OM621.912 , OM621.918 , OM617.910 , OM617.910 , OM616.912 , OM617.912 , OM617.952 , OM617.950 , OM617.951     NOTE:  UPON INTRODUCTION OF CHILLED CASTING CAMSHAFTS AND HARD-BACKED ROCKER ARMS, THE END-CAP-NUTS WERE STRENGTH    LOCATION:  AT  THE  END-TOP  OF  THE  VALVE .     FITS:   MERCEDES-BENZ    DIESEL  MODELS.      BY:  THE  MOTOR #   OM.      AS  REFERENCE:  THE  CHASSIS #   V.I.N #   W     AND  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  W126-300SD W126.120  OM617.951 YR.1979-1985.   W116-300SD W116.120  OM617.950 YR.1977-1980.   W123-300TD-TURBO WAGON W123.193  OM617.952 YR.1975-1985.   300TD WAGON W123.190  OM617.912 YR.1975-1981.   300D-TURBO W123.133  OM617.952 YR.1982-1985.   300D W123.130  OM617.912 YR.1975-1981.   300CD-TURBO COUPE W123.153  OM617.952 YR.1975-1985.   300CD COUPE W123.150  OM617.912 YR.1975-1981.   240D W123.123  OM616.912 YR.1975-1983.   W115-300D W115.114  OM617.910 YR.1974-1976.   240D  115 W115.117  OM615.912 YR.1972-1976.   220D W115.110  OM615.912 YR.1968-1973.   W110-200D W110.110  OM621.918 YR.1965-1968.   190Dc W110.110  OM621.912 YR.1962-1965.   ALL OF  THAT  INFORMATIONS  COME  FROM:  SERVICE-MANUAL  MERCEDES-BENZ   ENGINES 615 , 616 , 617.91  

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