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NEW ORIGINAL IGNITION ROTOR MERCEDES-BENZ R113 R121 W121 W120 W111 230SL 250SL 280SL 190SL 190B 190 180A 220SEC 280SE CONVERTIBLE 250SE 220SEB 220SB W110 W108 W114 W109


  • $129.95

NEW ORIGINAL IGNITION ROTOR  BOSCH  GERMANY.    MERCEDES-BENZ  PART  NUMBER: 000 158 20 31.   FITS:  MERCEDES-BENZ  MODELS  BY  THE  MOTOR #   M .   AS  REFERENCE  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #  W , R .   AND  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  230SL R113.042 M127.981 YR.1963-1967.   250SL R113.043 M129.982 YR.1967-1968.   280SL R113.044 M130.983 YR.1968-1971.   190SL R121.040 M121.921 YR.1955-1961.   190SL R121.042 M121.921 YR.1955-1961.   190SL R121.040 M121.928 YR.1961-1963.   190SL R121.042 M121.928 YR.1961-1963.   190b W121.010 M121.920 YR.1959-1961.   190 W121.010 M121.920 YR.1956-1959.   180a W120.010 M121.923 YR.1958-1959.   220SE COUPE W111.021 M127.984 YR.1961-1965.   280SE COUPE W111.024 M130.980 YR.1968-1971.   280SE CONVERTIBLE W111.025 M130.980 YR.1968-1971.   250SE COUPE W111.021 M129.980 YR.1965-1966.   250SE COUPE W111.021 M129.981 YR.1965-1966.   250SE CONVERTIBLE W111.023 M129.980 YR.1966-1967.   250SE CONVERTIBLE W111.023 M129.981 YR.1966-1967.   230S W111.010 M180.947 YR.1965-1968.   220SEb W111.014 M127.982 YR.1960-1965.   220Sb W111.012 M180.941 YR.1960-1965.   220b W111.010 M180.940 YR.1959-1965.   200 W110.010 M121.940 YR.1965-1968.   190c W110.010 M121.924 YR.1961-1965.   250S W108.012 M108.920 YR.1965-1969.   250SE W108.014 M129.980 YR.1965-1967.   280S W108.016 M130.920 YR.1968-1972.   280SE W108.018 M130.980 YR.1967-1972.   280SEL W108.019 M130.980 YR.1968-1971.   300SEL W109.016 M130.981 YR.1968-1970.   250 W114.010 M114.920 YR.1967-1972.   250 W114.011 M130.923 YR.1970-1972.   250C COUPE W114.023 M130.923 YR.1968-1972.     "INTAKE"