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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ IGNITION ROTOR R107 W114 W116 W123 280SL 280SLC 280 280C 280S 280SE 280CE 280E


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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ GERMANY IGNITION  ROTOR MERCEDES-BENZ  PART  # 000 158 22 31.   FITS  MERCEDES-BENZ  BY  THE  MOTOR #   M .    AS  REFERENCE  THE  CHASSIS #   VIN #  R , W, THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.   FITS:  280SL  R107.042 M110.982 , M110.986 , M110.990 YR.1972-1985.   280SLC R107.022 M110.982 , M110.985, M110.986 YR.1977-1985.   280 W114.060 M110.921 YR.1972-1976.   280C  COUPE W114.073 M110.921 YR.1972-1976.   280S W116.020 M110.922 YR.1973-1976.   280SE W116.024 M110.985 YR.1977-1980.   280CE  COUPE W123.053 M110.984 UP TO: 083233 YR.1976-1981.   280E W123.033 M110.984 UP TO: 083233 YR.1976-1981

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