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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ VOLTAGE OVERLOAD SAFETY FUSE FUEL-PUMP 280SL 280SLC 380SL 380SLC 500SL 500SLC 560SL 300SD 380SE 380SEC 380SEL 420SEL 500SEC 500SE 500SEL 560SEL 560SEC 190E 2.3 190E 2.3-16 300CD-T 300D-T 300TD-T 260E 300E 300D-T 190E 2.6


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NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ  GERMANY  OVER SURGE PROTECTION RELAY  WITH FUSE BOX  AT  THE TOP OF UNIT  WITH ONE STRIP FUSE RED 10 AMP    VOLTAGE OVERLOAD SAFETY FUSE RELAY   5 PRONGS    FUEL-PUMP    FUSE  RELAYS   ELECTRONIC  CONTROL  UNIT,  VALVE RELAY A.B.S.  BRAKE  SYSTEM  PART # 201 540 08 45, 126 540 47 45   FITS  MERCEDES-BENZ USA & EUROPEAN  MODELS  BY  THE  CHASSIS #  VIN #  R , W .   BY  THE  MODEL-YEAR   YR.     FEDERAL VERSION   FED.   CALIFORNIA VERSION   CAL.   CANADA  VERSION   CANADA.     FITS  280SL R107.042 YR.1982-1985.   280SLC R107.022 YR.1982-1985.   380SL R107.045 YR.1982-1985.   560SL R107.048 YR.1985  THRU  1987.   500SL R107.046 YR.1982-1985.   500SLC R107.026 YR.1982-1985.   380SLC R107.025 YR.1982-1983.   300SD W126.120 YR.1982-1985.   380SE W126.032 YR.1982-1985.   380SEL W126.033 YR.1982-1983.   300SEL W126.025 YR.1982-1987.   380SEC W126.043 YR.1982-1985.   500SE W126.036 YR.1982-1985.   500SEL W126.037 YR.1982-1985.   500SEC W126.044 YR.1982-1985.   560SEL W126.039 YR.1986-1987.   560SEC W126.045 YR.1986-1987.   420SEL W126.035 YR.1982-1987.   300D-TURBO W123.133 FROM  YEAR-1985-FED. AND  CANADA,    FROM YEAR-1984-CAL,  FROM  MODEL YEAR-1982   YR.1982-1985.   300CD-TURBO W123.153 FROM  MODEL YEAR-1985  FED,     CANADA   FROM  MODEL- YEAR 1984  YR 1984-1985   CAL  FROM  MODEL-YEAR 1982  YR.1982-1985.   300TD-TURBO WAGON W123.193 FROM  MODEL-YEAR  1985    FED.   & CANADA.    FROM  MODEL- YEAR-1984  CAL.     &  FROM  MODEL- YEAR 1982   YR.1982-1985    260E W124.026 YR.1985  THRU  1987.   300D-TURBO W124.133 YR.1986-1987.   300E W124.030 YR.1985-1987.   300TD-TURBO WAGON W124.193 YR.1987.   190E 2.3 W201.024 YR.1985-1986.   190E 2.3 W201.028 YR.1987.   190E 2.3-16 W201.034 YR.1982-1987.   190D 2.2  W201.122 YR.1985.   190D 2.5  W201.126 YR.1985-1987.   ALL  OF  THAT  INFORMATION  FROM SERVICE  MANUAL  BY  MERCEDES-BENZ  U.S.A  INTRODUCTION  INTO  SERVICE  OF  MODEL-YEAR  1985  & MODEL-YEAR 1984

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