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THREADED UNION AT METAL OIL FILTER CANISTER NEW GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ 450SL 380SL 560SL 280 SEC/C 3.5 280SEL 4.5 450SEL 450SE 380SE 380SEC 380SEL 500SEC 500SEL 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC 350SL 500SL 350SLC 450SLC 380SLC 500SLC W111 W108 W109 W116 W126 R107


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  METAL OIL FILTER BOLT MOUNT FLUNGE TO MOTOR NEW GENUINE MERCEDES BENZ  THREADED UNION WITH METAL SEALING RING TOP MOUNT TO CONNECT THE LONG BOLT THAT HOLDING METAL OIL FILTER CANISTER TO MOTOR   FITS  MERCEDES-BENZ   USA  &  EUROPEAN MODELS   BY  THE  CHASSIS #  VIN # R, W,   AND  BY  THE  MOTOR #   M.   FITS   MERCEDES--BENZ  MODELS   280SE COUPE / CONVERTIBLE 3.5 W111.027 M116.980 YR.1969-1971.   280SE COUPE 3.5 W111.026 M116.980 YR.1969-1971.   300SEL 4.5 W109.057 M117.981 YR.1972.   300SEL 3.5 W109.056 M116.981 YR.1968-1971.   280SE 4.5 W108.067 M117.984 YR.1971-1972.   280SEL 4.5 W108.068 M117.984 YR.1971-1972.   450SEL W116.033 M117.983  ,  M117.986 YR.1973-1981.   450SE W116.032 M117.983  ,  M117.986 YR.1973-1980.   380SE W126.032 M116.961  ,  M116.963 YR.1979-1985.   380SEL W126.033 M116.961  AND  M116.963 YR.1979-1983.   380SEC W126.043 M116.963 YR.1982-1985.   420SEL W126.035 M116.961  ,  M116.963  ,  M116.965 YR.1979-1991.   500SE W126.036 M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964 YR.1982-1985.   500SEC W126.044 M117.961  ,  M117.963 YR.1979-1985.   500SEL W126.037 M116.961  ,  M117.963 YR.1979-1985.   560SEC W126.045 M117.968 YR.1986-1991.   560SEL W126.039 M117.968 YR.1986-1991.  350SL R107.043   M117.982, M116.982,   M116.984 YR. 1971--1973.   350SL R107.044   M117.982,  M116.982, M116.984  YR. 1971--1973  MERCEDES  350 SLC  R107.023  M117.982,  M116.982,  M116.984  YR. 1971--1973.    450SL  R107.044  M117.982  ,    M117.985  YR. 1972--1981.   450SLC R107.024 M117.982  ,  M117.985 YR.1972-1981.    500SL  R107.046  M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964  YR. 1981--1985.   450SLC  5.0  R107.026  M117.960  YR. 1978--1980.   500SLC  R107.026  M117.960  ,  M117.962  ,  M117.964  YR. 1981--1985.   560SL  R107.048  M117.967  YR. 1986--1989.   380SL  R107.045  M116.960  ,  M116.962  YR. 1971--1985. 380SLC  R107.025  M116.960  ,  M116.962  YR. 1979--1983  W116 W126 R107 W108 W111   SEE  ALSO THE  SPARETED  LISTING   METAL CANISTER OIL FILTER  WITH  KIT   IN STOCK


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